Friday, July 3, 2009

REMINDER - Weekend Public Open house!

Wednesday's event recap:
Our Wednesday afternoon event started out great, but the supposed "40% chance of showers, less likely along Cape and Southcoast" thing didn't work out so well. (We're not the only archaeologists dealing with crazy weather - check out the Time Team America link posted on the right sidebar called "All Kinds of Weather".) The students and some hard core family members and volunteers - predictably - had great attitudes and soldiered through the deluge. Thanks to Southworth Library for letting us crash/take refuge in their meeting room! The student presentations were amazing, especially given the fact the several of their posters and our powerpoint projection system were abandoned in the exodus. All the student project posters and all their artifact choices will be featured on site this weekend! And I'll be recreating the posters as powerpoints here on our blog in the near future.
  • shine: Saturday July 4th, 11AM-3PM, on site, 762 Dartmouth St., South Dartmouth, MA 02748
  • rain: Sunday July 5th, 11AM-3PM, on site, 762 Dartmouth St., South Dartmouth, MA
No worries if you didn't make Wednesday's event, we are also having a weekend Open House on Saturday July 4th (if shine) or Sunday July 5th (if rain). The students may not be there, but you can still see artifacts, ask questions, and learn about house history. As you are tooling around town on the 4th, celebrate the holiday by stopping by one of Dartmouth's own historic sites, a house linked to events of the Revolution itself!

ANY WEATHER UPDATES WILL BE POSTED by 10:00 AM tomorrow and during the day. Right now, it looks like we should be on site tomorrow, Saturday the 4th of July 11AM-3PM.